Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage in the greater Los Angeles area

Security On and Off the Road.

Your car isn’t only at risk on the road: theft, fire, and bad weather can strike even when you’re off the road. With a comprehensive coverage plan, Trident Insurance Agency can protect your vehicle and property from non-collision damage.

Trident understands that life can surprise you. With Comprehensive Coverage, you can be prepared for the unexpected. Our asset specialists can work with you to design a plan full of impressive features that will protect your car from loss or damages from:

  • Theft or Larceny
  • Vandalism and Glass Breakage
  • Fire Damage
  • Hail, Water, or Flood Damage
  • Hitting a Deer or Other Animal
  • Damage from Falling or Flying Objects

Other Non-Collision Related Services

Trident offers more than just Comprehensive coverage for your non-collision insurance needs. For a more complete plan, include Roadside Assistance and Diminishing Deductible.

  • Roadside Assistance¬†provides a complete package that includes lockout assistance, jump starts, and towing up to 15 miles.
  • Diminishing Deductible rewards your safe, accident-free driving by crediting an annual award towards your collision deductible.